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Why Kung Fu Is Good For Children Who Are Being Bullied

By sifu Adrian

Very few things can benefit a child who is being bullied more than Kung Fu. The victim learns how to defend him or herself, but equally important is the fact that a child who trains martial arts learns to project real confidence. This skill makes them less likely to be a victim in the first place.

Kung Fu can give a child a healthy way to deal with his or her stress. It will improve self-confidence – and as that improves so does self-image. Although Kung Fu teaches potentially dangerous techniques, it puts a larger emphasis on the importance of respect and courtesy.

Do You Recommend Kung Fu for Girls?

I have two daughters and they both have been training since they were young. A common misconception is that Kung Fu training is primarily for boys. However, the reality is that nearly half of all children training in martial arts are girls! Girls tend to learn Kung Fu extremely fast. It is also an excellent activity where boys and girls can play and train together. This gives brothers and sisters an opportunity to practice together and learn from each other.

It’s a sad fact of life that girls and women are often the targets of criminals because they are thought to be weak and defenseless. Kung Fu training gives girls the tools and confidence to avoid potential attacks and defend themselves if necessary.

Can Kung Fu Make My Child Healthy?

For children to be healthy and to have their bodies develop correctly they need to perform natural movements like jumping, running, climbing, falling, and rolling on a regular basis. Kung Fu emphasizes all of these things. This helps develop lean muscle mass, bone density, flexibility and endurance. Aside from training, Kung Fu also promotes healthy balanced eating habits.


The goal for teaching children is to give them something that they can use their whole life – to strengthen their bodies and minds, and motivate them to reach their fullest potential – nothing less!

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