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Hong De offers training in Choy Li Fut, Southern Wind self defense, Lau family Eagle Claw, and Taiji and kids classes.

Kids Class: Ages 3-6, is for those who want an intro to movement, fun and Chinese Kung Fu Culture. All Other Classes are for ages 6 and up.

Hey are you ready to start training then fill out this health waiver and get started! Please contact or send the completed form to Sifu Adrian.

Hong De is open Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Kids Class @ 4pm
Begining Kung Fu @ 5pm
Choy Li Fut @ 6pm
Taiji / Qi Gong @ 630pm
No class
No class
Kids Class @ 4pm
Begining Kung Fu @ 5pm
Eagle Claw / Southern Wind self defense @ 6pm
Taiji / Qi Gong @ 630pm
Begining Kung Fu @ 5pm
Open Class @ 6pm
Kids Class @ 1030am
Lion Dance @ 4pm
No class


First time students must sign up for four months. This period allows the student to adjust their schedule to find the right times to train and to make a real commitment to making Kung Fu a part of their lifestyle. Remember most people quit new endeavors during the first three months. I want you to succeed in life and in Martial Arts.

New Student: $4004mo

Single Student/Kids Class: $100mo / 2253mo

Buddy Program: $160mo / 4003mo

Family Program: $160mo / 3803mo

prices are for all classes at Hong De. The first price is for One month and the second is for Three months.


Hong De Choy Li Fut, Inc.
1399 N Eustis St.
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