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Hong De Kung Fu is the premier Chinese martial arts studio in the Twin Cities. We offer training to kids and adults in forms, fighting, fitness, weapons, and lion dancing. Everyone has a goal – explore yours here.
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Training in martial arts is an excellent way to get in shape while learning valuable skills in an exciting environment. Hong De is a school in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area where individuals can realize and surpass their limits.

Everyone is capable of learning traditional martial arts. We offer training for both fitness and self defense, and have a certified personal trainer on staff.

Sifu Adrian is the lead instructor of Hong De Choy Li Fut. He has been studying Chinese martial arts both in China and the USA since 1995.

“Hong De Choy Li Fut, Inc. is committed to offering the best possible service and training to anyone who comes to a class, session, workout, open house, demo, or presentation. We are here for people who want to bring out the best in themselves.”

If you have any questions about the school, Choy Li Fut Kung Fu, or fitness in general, contact us online, or reach us at 651-329-7844 or sifu@hongdekungfu.com. We are registered with the Minnesota Combative Sports Commission as a training facility.

Hong De Choy Li Fut, Inc.
1399 N Eustis St.
Saint Paul MN 55108

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Hong De Choy Li Fut, Inc.
1399 N Eustis St.
Saint Paul MN 55108


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